Month: February 2018

Flirting Tips for Men

In movies, the leading man will always have the leading lady, of course, with the help of everyone on set. The director will give you every inch of what you are going to say including your reactions and blocking. With the script on hand, everything will run smoothly as plotted but in real life, you have to do the flirting alone. When a man flirts, it may mean a lot of things. It sometimes connotes that he is just being friendly or being too aggressive or worst he is just fooling around. Though men will always be men, let...

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Five Types of Women Who Aren’t in a Relationship and Why

  The woman who loves her single lifestyle She’s having fun and nothing (or no one) is about to get in the way of that. She likes the freedom of being single and she savors every moment of it. She doesn’t need anyone to carry her bag around or bring her flowers, she gets what she wants herself and she loves it. She hates the feeling of having another person check up on her, smother her with sweet texts and demand that she skip beer pong Fridays to have some RomCom marathon. She does want company sometimes, so if...

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Improving the Enjoyment of your Kindle Fire!

The Kindle Fire is more interactive than previous Kindle models, and it is usually mandatory to enter text – for example, when you search the content libraries or cyberspace, annotate text, or fill out web types. However, entering text about a relatively tiny device can be slightly daunting. This post explains tips plus tips which usually make it much easier to enter plus edit text, improving the enjoyment of your Kindle Fire. Using the Kindle Fire Keyboard When you tap a text entry field about the Kindle Fire, the onscreen keyboard automatically appears. Typing about the Kindle Fire keyboard...

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